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Why Austin?

Recently, I was asked why Bridge Partners chose Austin as a keystone investment in our business strategy. The answer was simple. Building a presence in Austin represents a rare opportunity to contribute to one of the fastest growing economies in the nation and expand our business in a hub for technology, software, and manufacturing.

There are strong parallels between the city of Austin and Bridge Partners. Like Bridge, Austin has experienced tremendous growth in recent years and continues to march to its own beat—grounded, creative, and just a little bit different from the rest of the pack. As business has boomed for both of us, Austin and Bridge have remained true to their roots. Just as the people of Austin take pride in a vibrant local culture, the people of Bridge Partners take pride in our uniquely personal approach to delivering results for our clients.

Like Bridge, Austin has experienced tremendous growth in recent years and continues to march to its own beat.

Bridge Partners lands in Austin with an investment in tremendous local talent. Director, Robin Nirken Berson, is a local star with 20+ years of experience in sales, marketing, and management. Mary Rose Becker is an Austin resident and Texan with 20+ years of experience in marketing, sales, and operations with companies like Dell and Microsoft. Responsible for driving Bridge’s Austin business and strengthening our connection to the local community, Robin and Mary Rose look forward to carrying Bridge’s collaborative professional services model to Austin.

At Bridge, we don’t have an army of cross-country robo-consultants. We hire local talent so that we can build relationships founded on trust, transparency, and collaboration. That’s why I’m so excited to grow in a city with a wealth of local talent. It means so much to us to be putting down roots in Austin, serving our Austin-based customers, and investing in the local economy. We at Bridge Partners are proud to be part of this dynamic city – a unique mix of the cosmopolitan and the home-spun at the leading edge of business.

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