Heather Brewer, Author at Bridge Partners

Heather Brewer


Heather is a seasoned international executive with over 20 years leading strategic growth, enterprise solutions, business transformations, technology enablement, and M&A activity for her clients. Her consulting career includes over 12 years with Ernst & Young and Deloitte Consulting, as well as 15+ years overseas in various leadership roles in Europe and Latin America. She is an expert at leading international expansions for her clients, including the launch of Costco Spain and The Mills Corporation in Europe. She has proven ability to deliver work in undefined scenarios while managing and working with a diverse set of multicultural, geographically disbursed, and cross-functional teams.

After many years on the road, Heather is excited to provide top-tier, customized client service in the Seattle market and beyond. She is passionate about connecting people and businesses and thrives in helping her clients succeed.

When she’s not traveling, Heather is an outdoor enthusiast and loves exploring new cultures and countries and adventuring into the unknown. She has traveled to over 70 countries and is bilingual in both Spanish and English.

Heather Brewer