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Jen McCready

Principal, Partner Ecosystem

Welcome to a realm where the quality of experiences stands as the ultimate differentiator. With over 25 years in the technology industry, Jen specializes in partner ecosystems. Her ability to discern between exceptional and subpar experiences, coupled with a forward-looking approach to market trends, enables businesses to forge impactful and memorable interactions.

Renowned for her problem-solving acumen, Jen is deeply committed to empowering organizations in crafting outstanding experiences for their employees, partners, and customers. Her professional journey—from account management through diverse roles in marketing, operations, licensing, product development, support, and leadership—has enriched her skill set and deepened her insights into building successful brands and thriving partner ecosystems.

Jen excels at designing and implementing effective partner strategies and sales channels that open new routes to market while optimizing existing ecosystems. Her global experience, having collaborated with over 50 countries, equips her with the insights needed to drive adaptability and innovation.

Together, you can unlock your ecosystem’s full potential to achieve substantial growth and success. Outside of the office, you’ll often find Jen enjoying time at Disneyland or Huntington Beach or indulging Hazel and Beau—her beloved bulldogs.

Jen McCready

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