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Theresa Trelstad

Account Director

With over 25 years of experience in enterprise transformation, strategic initiatives, sustainability program management, product marketing, partner collaboration, communications, M&A, optimization, change management, and operations excellence, Theresa is a seasoned consulting executive who develops solutions for business transformation at Bridge Partners. Bridge Partners works with the world’s largest and most innovative tech and cloud companies to unlock billions in revenue. Theresa leads teams and solutions with clients specific to Marketing Strategy & Operations, GtM, Partner and Channel, and the management and change practices that go along with smart programs.

As a savvy leader, Theresa develops teams and addresses issues from an intersection of three vantage points – Business Consultant, Fortune 20 technology leadership, and Agency Executive. She is exceptional at arranging people and concepts, quickly assessing issues, and taking complicated, abstract, overwhelming information and breaking it into digestible insights. Theresa assembles and activates diverse teams in ambiguous, high-pressure situations, unlocking possibilities by asking “How could we…”. She invests in trust relationships with key stakeholders, leading through influence, diagnosing thorny problems, and aligning business priorities. She pairs an action plan with key milestones and clear, accountable metrics, delivering business strategy, campaigns, and launches for companies ranging from $2M to $17B.

Theresa Trelstad

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