Tracy Foltz

Director, Talent Management

Tracy Foltz

For more than 20 years, Tracy has driven programs and strategies that build employees’ sense of agency in terms of career direction and growth. She is known for her passion for results at every stage of an employee’s career arc, from recruiting and onboarding to career pathing to the mentoring and training required for career moves along the way. Tracy is committed to helping talents develop and build leadership capability and helping businesses determine how to best tap into and cultivate their next generation of leaders. Working through these developing leaders, she takes pride in enabling businesses to more effectively solve problems and deliver for clients.

Tracy holds an undergraduate psychology degree from Duke University with special emphasis in women’s studies and nonprofit fundraising. She has spent most of her talent-management career with high-tech organizations.

When not working with employees or managers, Tracy can be found serving on the board of directors of the Seattle Girls’ School, walking her Bernese mountain dog, or chaperoning her girls as they participate in sporting events around the country.

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