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Cross-Campaign Marketing Analytics

Link data from multiple campaigns and programs—including joint partner motions—to show both individual initiative and overall marketing performance and demonstrate true ROI. This offer includes data aggregation, metric and KPI strategy, scalable analysis, real-time reporting, and data visualization.

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Sales Lead Prioritization 

Predict which SALs and SQLs are most likely to convert so you can allocate resources for optimal results. Our approach pairs machine learning and AI with historical data about close rates, win scenarios, customer behavior, and marketplace data to ID known leads with the highest propensity to buy. 

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Partner Prioritization 

Pinpoint the most valuable partners in your ecosystem to support tiering, resource allocation, recruitment, and more. We combine data about partner behavior, channel program trends, marketplace conditions, and other predictive success factors with advanced analytics and machine learning to help optimize partner program ROI.

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Lead Propensity Modeling 

We map your current systems and processes and apply data mining to ensure data readiness, then develop a lead-scoring framework that segments leads and prioritizes accounts. Finally we create a calibrated predictive model that supports more effective lead management and improves conversion rates.

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Business insights from 2 weeks to 24 hours

It took a global cloud provider up to 15 days to wrap up month-end reporting, which left their field sales teams in the dark. We automated their data-collection processes, rebuilt their data architecture, enabled standardized queries, and built dashboards that provided reporting in just 24 hours.

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Data Connections
Single Source of Truth
A comprehensive and intelligently configured centralized database that aggregates different data types from multiple sources will make your business-critical information easy to retrieve and understand.
Business Insights
Drive Sustainable Success
Map out real-world KPIs with help from our cross-functional team, architect the data that powers them, and then see it all come to life with interactive dashboards and visualizations built on the tools you already have and know how to use.
Propensity Modeling
Visualize the Potential
Get the answers to your most important business questions with predictive models that can help you better allocate resources and unearth new opportunities. Update scenarios and incorporate new data as your strategy evolves.
BI & Data Visualization
Better Data Storytelling
Monitor the trends and patterns that make your data powerful. Working together, our analysts and visualization specialists help you present your story in clear, simple ways that reveal true business insight.
Sales Prioritzation Horizontal

Sales Propensity Models: Not a Game of Chance

You don’t need to be lucky to find the best opportunities for your sales organization.

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