Put your ideas into action

Bridge Partners is always searching for agile, creative talent to become today’s consulting experts and tomorrow’s leaders.

Why join Bridge Partners?

If you want to learn and prepare for the next step in your career, you’ve come to the right place. Our experienced leaders will provide ongoing mentorship and investment in your professional development. However long you stay, you’ll be prepared for the next step in your journey.
We don’t like to sweat the small stuff when there are many ways to get a job done well. Whether it’s your first consulting role or a summer internship, you’ll get the structure you need and the flexibility you want to be your best.
It’s unlikely you got your education so you could order coffee and make photocopies. Don’t worry – that’s not on the agenda here. We ask you to turn ideas into action and solve complex challenges for some of the world’s most innovative companies.
Start your career with purpose
Each summer we offer a rigorous internship program to prepare students for a life in consulting. Get real-world experience while you begin to chart your career path.
Begin your career in consulting and join a project team that is hard at work solving client challenges. You’ll have the opportunity to grow your skills and collaborate with seasoned professionals.
Our consultants bring their unique skills, experience, and backgrounds to a specific project or engagement. You’ll work closely with leaders at all levels of the company.

We never stop learning. That's why we developed Bridge Partners University as a custom-built learning experience for our community to share best practices and sharpen their professional toolkit in everything from project management to presentation design.


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