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Diversity in Leadership is Our Catalyst for Growth

Diversity in Leadership is Our Catalyst for Growth

At Bridge Partners, diversity in leadership is more than just the right thing to do, it's a strategic advantage. I’m proud that our commitments to diversity are being realized from new hires all the way into the Boardroom.

I’ve been reflecting on the advantages of our majority-female workforce and it’s clear that diverse perspectives drive innovation and organizational success for us.

The Power of Diversity in Leadership

Research by Boston Consulting Group found that companies with diverse management teams report innovation revenue 19 percentage points higher than companies with below-average leadership diversity. This correlation between diverse leadership and innovation underscores the creative and financial benefits of inclusivity. Not surprisingly, these organizations also reported better overall financial performance: EBIT margins that were 9 percentage points higher than those of companies with below-average diversity on their management teams.

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Our Catalyst for Innovation and Growth

Our experience at Bridge Partners shows us that the diverse perspectives of our leadership team help us build fast-growing Modern Marketing, Partner Ecosystem, and Sustainability solutions. In addition, we’re clearly better able to adapt to changes in customer demand. 

We’ve been passionate, diligent, and intentional about leadership diversity at Bridge Partners because we know it’s a strategic advantage. Here are some simple things we’re doing to make it real:

  • We cultivate an inclusive culture: We encourage an environment where diverse perspectives are valued. Meetings are less “top-down” and “status report” focused, and instead oriented to continuous improvement. We like to ask the question “How can we do better, together?” We embrace and foster teamwork across different departments and backgrounds.
  • We lean into our Purpose: Our “why” at Bridge Partners is about creating impact and opportunity for our customers and our peers. When we lean into that purpose, inclusivity and diversity naturally follow.
  • We require diversity in recruitment and development: We’ve implemented rigorous practices in recruiting and employee learning that enhance diversity at all organizational levels. Requiring a diverse set of candidates for every full-time hire and targeting 60% of hires through internal promotion has been integral to our success.


Diversity Makes Our Business Better

We know from our experience that diverse perspectives enrich our decision-making processes. Our key has been to actively and intentionally diversify our leadership teams—and our entire business is better for it. Our journey towards greater diversity and inclusion is ongoing, but the benefits for us are clear: enhanced innovation, accelerated growth, and a more vibrant, dynamic organizational culture.

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