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Your Guide to Channel Focus Virtual 2024

Your Guide to Channel Focus Virtual 2024

Channel Focus Virtual 2024, the world's leading conference for channel professionals, is happening on April 17-18, 2024. This event is your gateway to understanding the dynamics of today’s channel ecosystem and learning how to leverage it for success.  

Each year, hundreds of attendees come together for an invaluable experience to explore the latest in channel strategies and partner management. This notable features presentations and virtual workshops to share strategies to tackle today’s most pressing partner challenges.  

Join Bridge Partners at Channel Focus Virtual 2024 

Bridge Partners is not just attending; we're actively contributing. Join us for a workshop where we'll facilitate small group discussions aimed at solving real-world channel challenges. This is a chance to share, learn, and collaborate on solutions that matter to you and your organization. 

What to Expect? 

  • Topical & Relevant Insights: Gain knowledge and learn the latest strategic thinking on channel management, best practices, and practical advice. 
  • Customizable Learning: With two keynotes, two tracks, 12 workshops, and 20 sessions, Channel Focus allows you to tailor your experience. Choose sessions that align with your interests and challenges for a learning experience that's unique to you. 
  • Real-World Solutions: This event is about real-world applications. From practical how-to presentations to small group workshops, you'll leave with actionable strategies and insights to enhance your channel programs. 
  • Networking Opportunities: Virtual doesn't mean isolated. Channel Focus Virtual 2024 offers opportunities to meet and engage with peers and experts in the industry, fostering connections that last beyond the event. 


Special Offer from Bridge Partners 

As a token of our partnership, we're offering a special discount. Use the code “friendofbridgepartners” to register and receive a discounted rate of $170, saving $125 off the standard rate. 

Join us for two days of learning, strategizing, peer-sharing, and networking. Click here to learn more and to register


Bonus: Best Practices for Attending a Virtual Conference 

Make the most of your Channel Focus Virtual 2024 experience by taking full advantage of the convenience. Our team has attended for several years and often comes back with fresh thinking and a deeper understanding of what topics are resonating within the industry. Here are some tried and true tips to take advantage of the virtual environment: 

Plan sessions ahead of time 

Balancing time for work while attending a conference is made easier by the remote nature, but planning your schedule ahead of time will ensure you’re present to engage speakers and other audience members. Plus, if you’re attending as a group, spreading coverage across sessions will ensure you get full access.  

Use multiple devices 

If possible, use one device or monitor for viewing presentations and another for interactive components such as networking or live Q&A sessions. This can help you engage more fully without switching tabs. 

Engage actively 

Participate in Q&A sessions, polls, and chats. Engagement can enhance your learning experience and increase your and your brand’s visibility among other attendees and speakers. 

Type your introduction and questions for the chat ahead of time 

Save yourself from typing while trying to pay attention and trying to edit your thoughts in a chat box. Prepare ahead of time a short introduction such as “I’m [name] with [company], [one-liner description of company or your role if a well-known company]. My question is…” You might also include an email or LinkedIn URL.  

Set aside time to share and follow up 

After the conference, reach out to new contacts you've made, connect with them on LinkedIn, and share any relevant insights you discussed. Consider sharing a post of takeaways on LinkedIn to continue the conversations with your network.  

 We invite you to reach out with any questions and stay tuned for takeaways from the event. Our Partner Service Line industry leaders are here to advise on maximizing the benefits of your partnerships. Have a question, just ask!


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