Rebecca Jones

Chief Customer Officer

Rebecca  Jones

Rebecca is a business executive who knows how to reach and engage customers. With two decades of experience working with Fortune 100 technology and telecom companies, she has developed deep industry expertise. Her clients have included T-Mobile, Amazon Web Services, AT&T Wireless, Cisco, and Microsoft. Rebecca has spent more than 15 years in leadership roles, both on the agency- and client-side.

As chief customer officer and a partner, Rebecca is focused on the firm’s growth strategy, overseeing sales, marketing, and delivery leadership. Prior to this role, she led practice strategy, defining and bringing to market differentiated services and solutions for Bridge Partners customers.

Rebecca is passionate about the art of developing meaningful customer stories and experiences. She has partnered with sales, marketing, and channel leaders to determine and land go-to-market strategies and create value-added programs for their partners and customers.

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