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Real-World Examples Of Our Expertise

Evangelizing Partner Innovation and Customer Success to Drive Demand

Discover how Bridge Partners helped a leading cloud service provider drive demand through strategic partner innovation and customer success. By creating a scalable framework and leveraging joint voice-of-customer stories, we developed a comprehensive digital engagement program.


Partner GTM

The Situation

A major cloud service provider needed to develop a scalable and repeatable framework for building demand for their valuable network of global service integrator (GSI) partners. The aim was to demonstrate the real-world business value delivered to customers through these strategic partnerships and drive lead acquisition at scale.

The Solution

Building off the success of a voice-of-customer story book developed previously by Bridge Partners, we designed a new digital engagement partner program. We transformed these stories into vertical-focused e-books and campaign landing pages, supported by GSI-specific landing pages, to land a connected narrative across multiple touchpoints.

Our team also executed targeted content syndication campaigns to generate cost-effective leads. We continue to develop and translate customer stories into a range of digital assets, including e-books, videos, and landing pages, to maximize reach and impact. The Bridge team continues to develop new joint voice-of-customer storybooks and translate them into a wide range of digital assets and campaigns (e.g., eBooks, videos, landing pages), to maximize reach and impact.

The Results

70+ Partner Stories

Showcasing industry-specific end-customer outcomes.

10 eBooks

Partner stories curated by vertical to drive targeted lead acquisition.

4,000+ Leads

Generated by content syndication and distributed to the GSI partners.

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