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Beyond Likes: Social Media That Drives Results

Beyond Likes: Social Media That Drives Results

When Microsoft wanted to bring OneNote to the classroom, they chose Bridge Partners to connect with educators.

Changing the way students learn

Do you feel sentimental when you see a chalkboard or Trapper Keeper? They might take you back to your childhood, but there’s a good chance your kids have never seen either one in their classroom. More and more, educators are leveraging technology to connect with students. And according to recent research, parents, students, and teachers agree: innovation is a good thing.

Helping teachers work smarter, not harder

While teachers want and need better technology, it can be a challenge to find the right solution. Microsoft OneNote fills a void by bringing a new dimension of organization and collaboration to the classroom. Microsoft approached Bridge Partners with the challenge: introduce a transformational product to an underserved market segment. Bridge Partners led the social media campaign to connect with educators, an audience that may not proactively shop for software solutions, and drive traffic to

Bridge Partners offered the experience and vision needed to craft the strategy as well as the tactical skills and subject matter expertise to drive the day-to-day operations of an integrated campaign. The team developed end-to-end campaign specifications and led content design, delivery, and analysis of the results.



Exceeding benchmarks across the board

Bridge Partners digital marketing consultants worked to develop high-value content with copy and images that spoke directly to teachers. With compelling content, smart targeting, and the right platform, the campaign outperformed every benchmark by 2x across three categories. With more than 7 million educators who are active users, LinkedIn Sponsored Updates became the vehicle of choice. The platform is uniquely designed for professional development and the micro-targeting ability presented an attractive solution for the Microsoft OneNote team. The campaign was a success (see LinkedIn case study). Today, more teachers are using OneNote to engage with students and prepare them for academic and professional success. Watch this video to learn more about how Bridge Partners helped Microsoft connect with educators and introduce them to the power of OneNote.


“Bridge Partners provided valuable direction on how to deliver my OneNote content to the educator, while building out a robust editorial calendar to create a sustainable educator journey.”

– Ari Schorr, Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft OneNote

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