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Developing Future Leaders

Developing Future Leaders

At Bridge Partners, our purpose is to create growth, opportunity, and impact for our customers, our communities, and each other. As a company committed to employee and community growth, our internship programs reflect that commitment. Bridge Partners is celebrating the contributions of our interns and continually evolving how we provide opportunities for interns to grow. 

About our internship program 

For our summer internship program, focused at the sophomore/junior level, Bridge Partners is proud to partner with Rainier Scholars, a Seattle-based nonprofit that cultivates the academic potential and leadership skills of hard-working, underrepresented students of color. By ensuring that BIPOC and low-income students have a pathway to leadership, this organization is helping to create an equitable future. Through this partnership, we continue to foster a diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace that empowers everyone to do their best work. 

Our spring internship program focuses on the graduating senior level. We have successfully hired over 90% of our spring graduates as Bridge Partners Consultants throughout the 7+ year history of the program. 

We invest in coaching, mentoring, and training you to be a great business, marketing, or sustainability consultant. Plus, we offer exciting projects with great clients.”

– Todd Vold, Partner

Ways to encourage success 

These are a few of the ways we cultivate our interns’ leadership and growth: 

Dedicated onboarding and mentors

We host a dedicated onboarding session to give interns a complete overview of our organization’s mission, vision, purpose, and goals. Our Chief Talent Officer hosts and our CEO encourages all interns to book a 1:1 to provide a personal orientation and get-to-know-you session. It’s important to introduce and immerse interns into workplace rhythms and to the company culture, both formally in our group onboarding and monthly group sync, as well as in weekly and more informal check-ins with their Mentor. 

Future leadership opportunities 

We create opportunities for all Bridge Partners employees and interns—everyone leads at Bridge Partners, and we are constantly developing our internal leaders, with a goal to fill 70% of our Leadership roles internally each year. That’s why a core component of our internship program focuses on learning. Our curated LinkedIn Learning training guides interns through targeted courses such as Consulting Foundations, Business Communications, Project Management, Leading Virtual Meetings, and Leading with Emotional Intelligence. Interns receive full access to the entire Bridge Learning Library, including our custom, firm-created content for Cloud University and the Sustainability Learning Path.   

Cultivate networking and community 

Our employee-led communities help interns build relationships beyond their daily assignments and projectsThese groups give all consultants and interns an extended peer group to circulate ideas with and foster inclusion and belonging. There is always an opportunity to lead and to demonstrate skills If interns have an interest in a new functional area, Bridge Communities allow them to safely explore and learn. Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Sustainability Communities are also 100% consultant-led.

Chief Talent Officer, Christine King, brings her people team out to lunch with Intern, Isayas Bikila, to celebrate National Intern Day

Hear what our Interns have to say 

We asked a current Intern, Isayas Bikila, some questions about his experience working with Bridge Partners. 

What has been the biggest takeaway from your internship at Bridge Partners? 

“My biggest takeaway so far is to make genuine and meaningful connections here. Bridge Partners is a very welcoming community and I find it has been important and useful to learn more about each person and how they play a part of the team.”  

What has been the most satisfying aspect of your work? 

“The most satisfying part of my job so far has been the engagement with the work; I’ve really found satisfaction and motivation through the projects that I’ve worked on at BP and getting to meet everyone, as well.” 

How does it feel to work with a company that prioritizes a modern workplace?

“Working with a company that prioritizes a modern workplace to me has been a tough but refreshing experience. I’m constantly gaining more exposure to new technology, and working from home is still something I adjust to on the daily, but I really enjoy being a part of this company as I can work comfortably while entering this evolving world of tech.” 


Bridge Partners Intern

The content team celebrates Intern, Mya Johnson, in a virtual lunch

Hear from previous interns 

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned throughout my short time at Bridge Partners, it’s that people truly are at the center of what we do – whether it’s the client or our internal team, having an added purpose to what I do every day makes my job that much more rewarding at the end of the day!” 

– Sarah S., former Intern and current Consultant 

“I’ve gained experience in things such as balancing multiple workstreams, building PowerPoints and running presentations, constructing a bi-weekly newsletter, and a whole lot more!” 

– Kaleb S., former Intern and current Consultant 




Bridge Partners delivers real results for the world’s largest tech and cloud companies — but our work starts with a commitment to each other and our communities. Our flexible, people-centered modern workplace attracts purpose-driven professionals looking for work that integrates with their lives while making a recognizable impact for top-tier clients. As a respected collaborator in the tech industry for 15 years, we win by developing consultants who care — about our work, our clients, our communities, and each other. Whether we’re meeting in person or across time zones, people make our workplace. And our workplace helps make our work better.

Learn more about what it’s like to work at Bridge Partners at our Careers page and follow us on LinkedIn for the latest company news.

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