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What’s it like being a Sustainability Consultant?

What’s it like being a Sustainability Consultant?

Combining passion and skill, our Sustainability Consultants are known for being the brightest in the business. We take pride in helping organizations not just meet, but accelerate their sustainability goals.

Here, we sat down with Jackie Bach, Senior Consultant, to learn more about her perspectives on personal sustainability and how that inspires her career as a consultant at Bridge Partners.

“Sustainability is essential to life as we know it. We need to prioritize it in all that we do, and that includes the workplace,” she advises.

Personal Sustainability Is About Keeping Carbon Footprints Minimal

“I try to keep my personal footprint as small as possible by living in an apartment in a dense urban area, taking public transit or walking whenever possible, and reducing the waste in my household,” explains Jackie. “Keeping our individual footprints minimal is important but the bulk of greenhouse gas emissions and environmental degradation happens at the hands of corporations.”

Here, Jackie shares her love of the outdoors

Working on Sustainability Projects at Bridge Partners

“I’m passionate about supporting our corporate clients in reducing their environmental impacts,” shares Jackie. Bridge Partners spans the critical gap between business and science. We help organizations drive lasting positive change with insightful sustainability strategies and proven execution programs.

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“Making changes to prioritize sustainability is not simple. Often there are many variables to consider as well as competing priorities. While there are no perfect solutions, there are a lot of really great ones. The field of sustainability is constantly evolving and that means new solutions are possible all the time.”

No matter where a business is on its sustainability journey, the team at Bridge Partners is here to help.

“Hope is a verb with its sleeves rolled up. Regardless of your starting position, if you’re interested in tackling the thorny issues of sustainability, the best thing you can do is to roll up your sleeves and contribute.”

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Bridge Partners delivers real results for the world’s largest tech and cloud companies — but our work starts with a commitment to each other and our communities. Our flexible, people-centered modern workplace attracts purpose-driven professionals looking for work that integrates with their lives while making a recognizable impact for top-tier clients. As a respected collaborator in the tech industry for 15 years, we win by developing consultants who care — about our work, our clients, our communities, and each other. Whether we’re meeting in person or across time zones, people make our workplace. And our workplace helps make our work better.

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