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Going Far, Going Together

Going Far, Going Together

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. This classic proverb is what Bridge Partners is all about. At Bridge, our goal is to help our clients go far, and we believe that means going the distance together.

To more clearly communicate the Bridge Partners value proposition, we recently shortened our domain name to Bridge.Partners. By doing so, we’re putting the focus right where we want it: on the two words, bridge and partners.

We recently shortened our domain to

We forge long-term relationships with our clients with the goal of helping them develop the strong network of partnerships they need to thrive in today’s marketplace. And because most of our clients earn their revenue through partner ecosystems, we see these partnerships as a bridge to their success.

The work we’re doing is especially important in the current environment where robust partner programs are increasingly vital to business growth. In today’s marketplace, a typical cloud solution can be made up of as many as seven different partners. Moreover, organizations across all industries now employ the channel 74 percent of the time as they go to market–up from 55 percent of the time just two years ago.

Why is this the case? As the pace of business continues to accelerate, organizations don’t have time to build all the products, services, and technology infrastructure they need to be competitive. By forming strong partnerships—rather than building from within—companies get their solutions to market faster in an economy that hinges on speed. They also capitalize on the ability of partners to bring specialized capabilities and expertise to the development of solutions. Simply put, today’s marketplace rewards swiftness and specificity, and the channel delivers.

Improving partnership success

While strategic partnerships are critical, unfortunately just one in three marketers is “very confident” they have what it takes to optimize their channel marketing spending. This is where we step in. At Bridge Partners, we believe marketing, sales, and partner ecosystems must be closely integrated. And we offer the depth of expertise our clients need to make that happen.

Whether it’s developing joint go-to-market strategies, creating effective co-marketing campaigns, or aligning marketing and sales across multiple organizations, we help our clients avoid the costly pitfalls of going to market together without thoughtful planning or experienced orchestration.

The proof is in the results we help drive. For example, a recent client needed to position itself as a leader in IoT technology, which involved co-selling solutions targeted at a wide range of industries alongside their IoT solution partners. To accomplish this goal, we armed the sales team with clear and consistent materials highlighting the features and benefits of more than 200 packaged solutions. In the end, the IoT initiative added millions of dollars in value and created thousands of co-selling opportunities.

In another case, a leading software and services company hired us to improve sales after learning that its partner network was having trouble describing the business value of a new solution. To solve this problem, Bridge Partners created digital demand campaigns along with seller assets and training materials to help clarify the opportunity for partners. As a result of this work, we helped generate 1.2 million leads that, in turn, led to 20,000 new device sales.

Building bridges for success

In today’s marketplace, maximizing channel impact can make the difference between a company that thrives and one that falters—and partner ecosystems are only becoming more complex.

As global companies look to the future, for example, they’re encouraging their partners to form alliances with other partners to produce the next generation of highly specialized solutions. Bridge Partners has been at the cutting edge of this partner-to-partner (P2P) trend, working with our customers to capitalize on this next wave of channel evolution.

As we help our customers thrive in today’s marketplace, our decision to move to Bridge.Partners reflects our commitment to partnership and a desire for a domain name that clearly showcases our value proposition. We know partnerships are critical, and we seek to help our customers build the bridges they need for lasting growth.

After all, going far means going together, and at Bridge Partners we strive to do both.

To learn more, please visit our Partner Experience page.

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