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Inside Scoop: Why Bridge Partners Topped the List as a ‘Best Company to Work For’

Inside Scoop: Why Bridge Partners Topped the List as a ‘Best Company to Work For’

The Top Three Reasons Employees Love Bridge Partners

Bridge Partners was named one of Washington’s Best Companies to Work for in January 2023, jumping from #15 in 2021 to #7 this year, reflecting an ongoing effort to build the best workplace for our people.

“This award is based on the employee feedback, not on financial contribution like other award programs,” says Brian Senefelder, a senior consultant with Bridge. “Being recognized for this award for the eighth time is a testament to the company’s commitment to its purpose and values.”

Here are three reasons why our employees love where they work:

1. Everyone is welcome

Bridge is committed to ensuring a diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace for everyone. Our higher ranking in the 2023 results reflects the countless hours spent across the company to identify and address areas of improvement.

“I’m proud to work at Bridge Partners, a company that is incredibly focused on its people,” says Kelsey McManimie-Stines, chief of staff. “Our values aren’t just words on our website. We talk about them all the time, and you can see them play out in everyone’s behavior in the organization from the top down.”

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2. Our leadership listens

Bridge has a universal open-door policy across all management—including our founder and CEO. (He’ll buy the coffee.) Employees can request a 1:1 meeting with any manager to discuss anything on their mind including suggestions for improvement, business ideas, or career path options.

“The leadership at Bridge Partners, at all levels, has impressed me time and again with their dedication to fostering an inviting environment that has encouraged me to take leaps into new roles and responsibilities as my personal goals have shifted,” says Justin Lauer, an intern consultant. “Bridge Partners’ dedication to being adaptable and fostering the talent and drive of my colleagues and myself has made my decision to join this firm one of the best of my career.”

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3. We balance work and life

As a Remote+ organization, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting and hiring exceptional people from all over the United States. We use internal social media, virtual events, and mentorship to bring employees together to build relationships and learn from one another. In addition to our virtual community, employees regularly meet up for team workshops, industry conferences, and company volunteer experiences. We have hikers, musicians, film fans, and even a van-lifer—all ready to share tips, stories, and perspectives to keep us creative, aligned, and enjoying our time together. With several musicians on staff, you can bet if someone is performing after work their coworkers will be there to cheer them on!

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About Bridge Partners’ modern workplace

Bridge Partners is a people-focused, customer-driven consulting firm that helps the world’s largest tech and cloud companies grow revenue, activate channels, accelerate pipelines, and create value. We are growth leaders who specialize in modern marketing, partner go-to-market, sustainability, and project leadership. Our team delivers excellence for our clients and communities by sustaining a flexible, caring, and modern workplace where our people can be themselves and do their best work.

Why Will You Love Working Here?

An inclusive environment, career growth opportunities, and true work/life balance are just a few of the reasons people love working at Bridge. Come join us! Visit our Careers page to learn more.

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This article was authored by Jacqui Kramer, Manager, Bridge Partners.

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