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Marisa Lather named as one of the “Top Voices in Marketing & Advertising” by LinkedIn News

Marisa Lather named as one of the “Top Voices in Marketing & Advertising” by LinkedIn News

Firm Director of Marketing & Communications, Marisa Lather, was recognized by LinkedIn News as one of this year’s Top Voices in Marketing & Advertising. Marisa was recognized for key posts and sharing informative content around topics including marketing strategy, B2B marketing, employer branding, and more. 

Top Voices is a series of lists that have been editorially curated by the LinkedIn News team, with the goal of highlighting creators to follow who are writing and sharing about today’s important workplace, career, and industry topics. 15 marketing and advertising thought leaders were identified as people “covering what you need to know about the latest trends and ideas shaping the industry.” 

We sat down with Marisa to ask her about the experience and have her spill some of her top LinkedIn pro tips.

What was it like being named a Top Voice in Marketing & Advertising by LinkedIn News?

I was flattered and surprised, to be honest! To be recognized by LinkedIn News was extra special, like your favorite coach giving you the MVP title. It’s no secret LinkedIn is my favorite social networking tool because of the value it provides by connecting me with my community, highlighting the latest industry news, and ability to share thought-provoking ideas and thought leadership which makes us all better business leaders. 

When I saw the other marketers on the list, I was extremely impressed and honored to share the title of “Top Voice in Marketing & Advertising” with each of them. Since the announcement, we have stayed in touch and even collaborated on a LinkedIn Live series discussing top trends in marketing and advertising. 

While it takes time to plan and share the content, I do it because I’m truly passionate about our industry. I love marketing because it is the perfect blend of creativity, strategy, and data (and, some would argue, psychology) and plays a pivotal role in the success of a business. I know I’m lucky to be genuinely interested and excited about what I do, and even more so to be surrounded by hundreds of incredibly smart consultants that specialize in driving modern marketing for the world’s biggest and most recognizable cloud and tech companies. Each day I’m learning from and being inspired by my fellow colleagues at Bridge Partners.

What should people post on LinkedIn?

I post what is interesting to me and recommend others do the same. If I’m curious about a topic, I bet others are, too. This means my posts represent my different interests but are usually related to marketing, careers, and technology. (As any marketer knows, having a niche helps.) Posting this intersection of content helps to show my personality outside of just the B2B space. Authenticity matters!

How often should someone post on LinkedIn?

The answer depends on how much relevant information you have to share. Or, (another classic marketing answer here) test it out! Let the data tell you. Vary your posting frequency and compare the engagement when you post more or less. (Just make sure to test only one thing at a time.) 

Consider each day a chance for fresh content. The average lifespan of a LinkedIn post is 24 hours, and I recommend taking advantage of that and posting daily. If that is too much, aim for 3-5 times per week. I would not suggest posting more than two times per day—and if you do post that often, get there gradually and focus on the quality of content. Take what is asked of the reader into account; balance out time-consuming recommendations like whitepapers and webinars with easy-to-consume, passive content like viewing a picture, liking a photo, or voting in a poll. 

What are your three top tips for using LinkedIn like a pro?

1. Start posting content

Most importantly, starting to post is the first step. From there, you can see where you get the most engagement. Social networks are more fun when there is activity and notifications (hence, the term “social” network). It’s up to you to get that ball rolling. 

And remember, practice makes perfect. Try new media formats in the status update. See how other users are formatting their posts to make them more interactive and apply it to your own content. If you see something creative and can’t figure it out, Google it or even DM someone and ask them how they did something. Most often, people are flattered you’re paying attention. 

2. Clean up your LinkedIn profile URL

Say goodbye to the numbers and dashes. Updating your LinkedIn URL is a quick and simple fix that makes your profile 10x more professional and easy to share with others. 

3. Maintain consistency by organizing your workflow

Use a tool like an RSS reader to curate various resources into a single view. (I use Feedly.) This helps me keep my email free of newsletters and still get a daily update on what is hot at the moment. Many tools have automation to post directly to social media. I actually use a paid scheduling tool, Buffer (although a free version of Buffer or Hootsuite works, too), to drip out content at a frequency unique to all each social channels across my two accounts (one focused on marketing and one focused on lifestyle).  

As you can guess, I’m always sharing more tips on LinkedIn!


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