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Real-World Examples Of Our Expertise

Scaling Partner Demand Gen

Bridge Partners worked with a global leader in cloud platform & services to develop and execute a partner marketing program that could easily scale and enable partner channel activation for exponential growth and market opportunity.

Partner GTM

The Situation

A global cloud platform & services provider was growing exponentially via its business agility and product speed-to-market. It needed a partner marketing program that could keep pace and effectively harness the power of its partner channel ecosystem to sustain growth and expand market opportunity.

The Solution

Bridge Partners designed a program structure that applied modern marketing techniques with a priority on premier experience, ease of scale, and new ways to activate the partner ecosystem. We coupled this with a dedicated and experienced delivery team, focused on the tactical execution of campaigns to support partners at various marketing maturity levels, through their program journey. Our established operating model provided consistent, high-quality deliverables and an optimized experience as the program scaled, while also ensuring Partners’ overall progress is on track to meet program KPIs. As a result, Bridge is now in its fourth year of supporting this program.

The Results

5+ years of innovation

in a continuous partner program evolution and delivery innovation.

200+ partner campaigns

with tens-of-thousands of MQLs delivered across industries and solutions.

KPI Improvements

year-over-year for partner campaign performance and delivery model optimizations.

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