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How to Celebrate Juneteenth in a Meaningful Way

How to Celebrate Juneteenth in a Meaningful Way

Building a modern workplace requires thinking about freedom and what that means to us. The freedom to be your authentic self at work, to bring in diverse thoughts and backgrounds, and to be a force of positive change. At Bridge Partners, we commemorate Juneteenth and encourage our teams to share, support, and celebrate the significance of the Juneteenth Holiday.

Get to Know The History

On June 17, 2021, the United States federal government passed a bill to recognize Juneteenth as a national holiday. An integral starting point of engaging with and celebrating Juneteenth is acknowledging the history of this important holiday commemorating African American freedom and emphasizes education and achievement. The National Museum of African American History & Culture has created a great introduction to this story. Additionally, there is another great piece written by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. that provides additional historical context. Seek out your own local African American Museums/Historical Societies, for us at Bridge Partners’ Seattle HQ, we look towards Seattle’s Northwest African American Museum.

Support BIPOC Voices

Seeking out and supporting BIPOC voices and perspectives is another way to carry forward the spirit of Juneteenth. Finding local and national publications that center on these perspectives can help keep us aware of current events and help us envision a better future. For example, Seattle has The South Seattle Emerald to highlight local BIPOC stories/events or you can view stories from the online publication The Root, or The Grio for a more wide-ranging coverage of BIPOC stories/issues. Be sure to seek out publications that exist within your communities!

Support Black Businesses

Where you choose to spend your money can speak to your values. There are wonderful resources available that highlight Black businesses and make it easier than ever to support local and national businesses. Make use of nationally aggregated Black-Owned Business Directories featuring Black-owned small businesses to connect with and support minority-owned brands in a city near you.

Go Beyond Juneteenth

Create a lasting impact that goes beyond Juneteenth by finding orgs to contribute to regularly and incorporate into your business. At Bridge Partners, we partner with organizations that are driving meaningful change to causes we value. There is still much work to be done, but we are willing to do this work.

The NAACP Environmental and Climate Justice Program was created to provide resources for low-income communities in addressing environmental injustice. The org aligns with our sustainability commitments by advocating for a reduction of greenhouse gases, advanced clean energy, and community resilience.

Our recruiting and hiring practices continue to evolve each year to improve our diversity and inclusion practices and performance. As part of our annual internship program, we are thrilled that one of our key community partnerships is now with Rainier Scholars, a local non-profit that cultivates the academic potential and leadership skills of hard-working, underrepresented students of color.



Bridge Partners delivers real results for the world’s largest tech and cloud companies — but our work starts with a commitment to each other and our communities. Our flexible, people-centered modern workplace attracts purpose-driven professionals looking for work that integrates with their lives while making a recognizable impact for top-tier clients. As a respected collaborator in the tech industry for 15 years, we win by developing consultants who care — about our work, our clients, our communities, and each other. Whether we’re meeting in person or across time zones, people make our workplace. And our workplace helps make our work better.

Learn more about what it’s like to work at Bridge Partners at our Careers page and follow us on LinkedIn for the latest company news.

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