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Insights from Channel Focus 2023: Unraveling the Complexities of MSPs, Marketplaces, and Multi-Partner Strategies

Insights from Channel Focus 2023: Unraveling the Complexities of MSPs, Marketplaces, and Multi-Partner Strategies

Channel Focus has been the leading community for channel professionals for 26 years, delivering top-quality content, resources, and space for connection. This year's conference brought forward trends and strategies, with several key themes resonating throughout the sessions and conversations. 

The discussion centered around AI, the transition to MSP and Marketplaces, and agent payment plans. Key points included the sharing of experiences in developing an agile approach to facilitate this shift. 


TL; DR: Partner Ecosystems are in a Complex Transition

The overarching narrative from Channel Focus 2023 is the increasing complexity in the channel ecosystem, particularly with the migration to MSPs and marketplaces. Similar to what we hear from clients, understanding how to manage these new paths to your customers and working effectively with MSPs and marketplaces has become paramount. This complexity drives the need for innovative approaches to partner relationships, including partner-to-partner-to-partner collaborations and agent-based models. 

Read on for more details.

Embracing the MSP Revolution

One of the most significant discussions revolved around MSPs. The pressing question was: "How do I develop and optimize an effective MSP program?" Our clients frequently inquire about this, reflecting the industry's shift towards comprehensive service offerings that integrate products into more complex solutions.

The challenge lies in transitioning from a traditional B2B model to a more complex B2B2B paradigm, especially in a cloud-centric ecosystem. The key takeaway was the necessity of adapting to this shift, finding ways to integrate seamlessly into the MSP framework, and understanding the nuances of such collaborations.


Deciphering Agent Payment Models

Another hot topic was the implementation of agent payment models. The query "How do I implement an agent payment approach?" is something we’re seeing interest in and underscores the shift from traditional distribution methods to direct partnerships. 

The agent model is gaining traction as it allows for direct partner payments, expanding the types of partnerships that can be leveraged and aligning to new “solution” oriented selling partners. This approach can be appealing in the current landscape where marketplaces are becoming key players, however, the complexity of creating a compensation model that aligns with this approach remains a challenge.


Activating Cloud Marketplaces

Cloud marketplaces were a focal point, with many discussions centered on evolving and growing marketplace strategies.

The transition to marketplaces signifies a major shift in how products and services are offered and consumed. This evolution demands a rethinking of how companies position themselves within these marketplaces, not just as standalone entities but as integral parts of a larger ecosystem. Our expertise in partner channel activation positions us to guide clients through the complexities of integrating their offerings into these broader marketplaces, ensuring they remain competitive and relevant.

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The Multi-Partner Conundrum

A recurring theme was the intricacy of multi-partner strategies. Questions about partner-to-partner interactions, compensation, incentives, and go-to-market models were prevalent. 

This indicates a growing need for strategies that facilitate effective collaborations among multiple partners, addressing challenges in margin sharing, incentive alignment, and strategic connectivity. Our role in this space is to help clients develop effective strategies for managing these complex partnerships, ensuring they can capitalize on the benefits while mitigating the inherent challenges.

With that, Channel Focus 2023 is a wrap! 

Empower Your Ecosystem with Bridge Partners

Bridge Partners is uniquely positioned to help you navigate this evolving landscape. Our expertise and solutions are geared towards enabling companies to adapt and thrive amidst these changes, ensuring channel strategies are robust, dynamic, and aligned with overarching business objectives. Our unmatched experience in partner ecosystems and alliances helps you maximize the impact of your partner channel. Contact us to see how we can help you.

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