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Christine Bohle Boyd

Managing Director

When clients are looking for a partner to help them think through tough challenges, how to galvanize their teams, or formulate a new plan, Bridge Partners will often turn to Christine Bohle Boyd to lead the effort. An expert in driving sustained growth for companies of all sizes and stages of market maturity, Christine is no stranger to ambitious goals. Naturally curious and resourceful, she will dig in and offer back pragmatic solutions for the variety of issues CXOs face today.

Christine’s nearly 20 years of experience includes both advising and leading teams across internet, enterprise software, cloud, and telecom. She offers deep expertise in Modern Marketing and Sales solutions, having held several senior positions at companies like Upskill (now Teamviewer), Eventbrite, Autodesk, and Danaher. As an agency lead at Omnicom, she oversaw retention and loyalty marketing execution for AT&T’s consumer wireless business, and supported the launch of HBO Max.

In addition, Christine is a leader in Bridge Partners’ Sustainability practice. With a strong understanding for the unique role of ESG leaders today, Christine brings a blend of strategy, stakeholder engagement, and communications expertise to her clients.

Christine Bohle Boyd

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