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Real-World Examples Of Our Expertise

Driving Marketplace Free Trials via an Integrated Approach

A high-growth cybersecurity company needed to promote a free trial and drive subscriptions via the cloud marketplace. Bridge Partners created an integrated campaign with a landing page and diverse media strategy, utilizing paid search, social media, and programmatic display ads. Leveraging Bombora intent data for refined targeting and ongoing optimizations, the campaign drove thousands of referrals and increased trial subscriptions by 170% year-over-year.

Product Marketing

The Situation

A high-growth cybersecurity company had made strategic investments in their cloud partnerships. They needed to promote a free trial offer for one of their top products and drive self-service subscriptions via the cloud marketplace.

The Solution

To address the challenge in reaching and converting new prospects, Bridge Partners designed and executed a new integrated campaign inclusive of a landing experience and a multi-faceted media effort leveraging paid search, social, and programmatic display. Bombora intent data helped refine audience targeting. Multiple rounds of creative optimizations, ongoing budget management, and in-flight tactical adjustments helped drive 1,000s of marketplace referrals and increase trials 170% YoY.

The Results


YOY increase in marketplace trials.


Improvement in LinkedIn CTR driven by Bombora Intent Targeting and ad creative optimizations.


Thousands of marketplace referrals. 

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