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Real-World Examples Of Our Expertise

Scaling Multi-Cloud Marketplace Demand Gen

A high-growth cybersecurity company needed to promote a free trial and drive subscriptions via the cloud marketplace. Bridge Partners created an integrated campaign with a landing page and diverse media strategy, utilizing paid search, social media, and programmatic display ads. Leveraging Bombora intent data for refined targeting and ongoing optimizations, the campaign drove thousands of referrals and increased trial subscriptions by 170% year-over-year.

Product Marketing

The Situation

A market leader in enterprise cybersecurity solutions was spending money and resources on paid promotion for one of its cloud-based web application security solutions, but not seeing a return on the investments through lead referrals and trial registrations in their top two cloud service provider marketplaces.

The Solution

To address the challenge in reaching and converting new prospects, Bridge Partners designed and activated a refined product-focused campaign inclusive of a re-designed landing experience, new ad creative, and a multi-faceted media effort.  The work was hyper-focused on target audience parameters, multi-region lead gen tactics, and continuous keyword optimizations to maximize ROI. Bridge Partners also established a new performance reporting framework to provide actionable KPIs & insights that enabled clear measures for making campaign optimizations.

The Results


Increase in lead referrals over the previous benchmark.


Reduced average lead cost through data-driven in-flight optimizations.


Lift in landing page conversion with a CTA-optimized, customer-centric redesign.

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