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Real-World Examples Of Our Expertise

Effective Partner Industry Co-Marketing

We helped a global technology company build and run a scale partner, co-marketing program to create industry-specific high-value content to showcase an IoT story and provide a roadmap for partner and customer engagement.

Partner GTM

The Situation

Building on a successful three-year IoT partner engagement program with Bridge Partners, the client team sought to take partner engagement to the next level—higher in the funnel—with an emphasis on Industry marketing. 

The Solution

This project is all about telling stories that connect partner IoT solutions with the joint customers’ most pressing needs. Stakeholders participate in a virtual co-marketing session to surface the necessary ingredients to craft an actionable solution co-marketing plan. Content deliverables include an infographic and an eBook highlighting the value of the solution, reinforcing the partner’s role as an industry expert and connecting the client “better together” value story with the needs of joint target customers. Finally, joint solution awareness with global field teams is supplemented by a sales guide and technical reference architecture. 

The Results

Strategic joint planning

and customized engagements give partner participants immediately actionable marketing and sales content.

Revenue growth

and deeper customer connections and outcomes are enabled by establishing partners as IoT solutions experts.

Compelling content

now drives joint engagements with aligned key messaging, powerful use case stories, and digestible sales guidance.

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